Finding the Right Care Home For You

How do I find a care home near me?

You need to see what is out there before deciding. Make a list of local homes close to you.

Ask your friends and family – they may be able to point you towards a care home with a good reputation, maybe they know someone living or working in a particular home.

Which? Have a care directory that can help you find care in your area.

What should I look for in a care home?

When you have made a shortlist of the care homes that seem suitable, you should arrange a visit/Virtual Tour. Find out as much as you can about the care home to help you make an informed decision for yourself or a loved one.

Before visiting, take these key steps:

  1. Make sure the home provides the level of care you or your loved one needs or could need in the future. Please see our ‘types of care home’ page to understand the different types of care that homes can provide.
  2. Does the home have any vacancies? If not, ask about a waiting list and how long it is.
  3. Read the homes brochure or website before your visit, you can always call the home prior and speak to a member of staff or the home manager.
  4. Read the most recent inspection report for the home. You can ask the home for this, or look it up on the CQC website.

What questions should you ask when visiting or doing a virtual tour?

Do not feel like you must ask everything; the main thing is you ask the questions that are most relevant to you or the person requiring care. Below are just a few most asked questions:

  • Are there regular social activities?
  • Does the home allow pets?
  • Can the home meet dietary needs?
  • Is there a choice of food and can you see sample menus?
  • Are there any restrictions on visiting times or numbers of visitors?
  • Are visitors able to visit during mealtimes and can visitors have meals also?
  • What are the home’s fees?
  • Are the fees reviewed each year?
  • Would it be a shared bathroom or an ensuite?
  • What can I bring with me? A television, photos, furniture etc.

Please click here to view a Care Home Checklist for further questions.

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