Workforce Development Fund 2023-24 (WDF) - How to claim

To lodge a claim with DCHC for reimbursement of training expenses from the WDF, follow this process:

  1. Ensure the ASC-WDS has been updated for your care home. 
  2. Download and complete a Workforce Development Fund Members Declaration Form 2023-24. You only need to complete this once.
  3. Download and complete a Workforce Development Fund Employer Claim Submission Form. You will need to complete this form each time you lodge a claim with us. You are able to claim reimbursement for multiple learners and multiple courses using one form.

  4. Ensure the training you are seeking reimbursement for is covered under the WDF 2022/2023 Funded Qualifications & Training.

  5. Gather required evidence demonstrating that the learner has successfully completed the qualification. See FAQ's for evidence requirements for different training types. In most cases you just need to provide the certificate of completion.

  6. Attach all required documents to an email and send to and we will process your reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Hint: If your home does not have a scanner and you only have hard copies of documents, there are many free scanning apps available for smartphones such as Adobe Scan. If you are an iPhone user, the 'Notes' app has document scanning capabilities built-in.

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