InstaCare: Call Bell Alerts on the handsets you already use!

InstaCare Systems can help your home run more efficiently and improve reporting. This latest technology allows your call bells to alert on your existing care plan mobile devices. It allows the call bell volume to be reduced, making your home a more relaxing environment for residents, families and of course your staff. Your staff will also be able to work more efficiently with the ability to see calls in the palm of their hand, accepting calls and responding to only calls that are relevant to them.

This clever new tech simply requires the installation of a nifty box that takes the call bell information of your existing nurse call and reporting this information to an equally clever app that sits on your existing mobile devices. It allows you to improve the functionality of your own nurse call, often eliminating the need to upgrade your system. The call logger and reporting allows data to be recorded about response times, number of calls, staff ID of who is responding and all of this can be recorded in a manner that works for your home. It will help you easily respond to family disputes, make adjustments to improve response times and identify increasing levels of care provision for individual residents.

And there is more! All this important data is cleverly automatically imported into the care plans, allowing access to individual data alongside the rest of their care plan. Improving person centred, individual care for your residents and allowing easy access to it all within the digital care plan.

And it could save you £1000’s! At only a quarter of the cost of the average new nurse call system, this could extend the life of your existing system whilst giving you all these new benefits at a lot less money! Give InstaCare Systems a call today to find out more and get a quote for your home.

InstaCare Systems are your local nurse call specialist. Based in Exeter, we work on ALL makes of call bells, but most importantly we are truly independent. That means we can help you with ANY thing that is nurse call whilst giving great guidance, save you money and find the best way to keep your residents safe. All of our engineers are trained by the manufacturers which means our knowledge is second to none! And because we are local, with our headquarters in Exeter, we keep our costs low. So you get amazing service at better prices. From a pressure mat, to full new nurse call installs and integrating new technology, we have you covered!

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Posted by Michaela on June 6th 2024

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