Devon's FREE Social Care Nursing Programme

A unique opportunity exists for Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Nursing Associates (RNAs) and Assistant Practitioners (APs) to get involved with Devon’s exciting and free social care nursing programme now approved by the University of Bolton and Supported by NHS England.

There are two programmes; one of which is pitched at HE level 7 and is designed to support RNs, whilst the HE level 6 course supports RNAs and APs. The content of the programmes focus on high-quality, person-directed care along with clinical expertise, an inquiring mind, and reflection of practice for RNs, RNAs and APs who work within nursing and care home environments.

It is a dynamic, immersive and experiential learning experience focusing on practical, reflective and critical thinking in practice. Learning is orientated towards clinical practice as well as understanding the needs of residents, promoting values such as kindness, compassion and relationship/person-centric well-being. It explores all aspects of adult social care nursing with its day-to-day challenges, deliberating on situations and successful resolutions.

“The ground-breaking nature of the development which has been designed to address sectoral changes within the Health and Social Care environment”

This Level 6 or Level 7 Course, mapped to the 2021 QNIs Standards of Education and Practice for Nurses New to Care Home Nursing, will embrace innovative immersion of learning, using up-to-date technology to make the subject material interesting, relevant, and compelling. It is a predominantly online learning programme together with in-workplace face-to-face assessment of practice and competencies. Also included are 10 face-to-face clinical days, (in Dawlish) led by a clinical nurse tutor or invited specialist, guiding the nurses to take a ‘deep dive’ immersion of critical practice and clinical skills. This all goes hand in hand with an interactive learning application accessible on the learner’s mobile phone.

“The development adding value to, and empowering the role of social care nursing and providing a career trajectory for professionals in the field”

Participants will be fully engrossed in the development of problem-solving, innovation and reflective practice.

“The provision of excellent resources across multiple platforms and the integral opportunities for students to provide weekly feedback”

This provider-led programme will support participants to improve skills, enrich team development, promote leadership values and help boost confidence in practice., commencing in April 2024.

“The outstanding consortium approach to the development of the proposal, incorporating the viewpoints of all key stakeholders”

Course details

  • A 32-week course delivered via blended learning; a mix of online learning (70%) and face-to-face (30%) delivery and in-practice clinical assessment. 
  • The First 16 weeks will involve 112 hours of learning, 5 face-to-face taught days (approx. 7 hours per week).
  • The Second 16 weeks will involve 188 hours of learning (approx. 5 hours per week), gaining competency within 3 chosen clinical skills and attending 5 face-to-face taught days.
  • Completion of one 3000 (L6) or 4000 (L7) word Critical Reflection and one Professional Development and Clinical Skills Proficiency Portfolio.
  • Inclusion of QNI Standards and storytelling through the 5 CQC areas so learning is relatable

Registering Interest 

Email or to express interest or for more details call 07939577788.

Posted on January 18th 2024

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