Reminder - Publish your Data Security and Protection Toolkit by 30 June 2024

It’s that time of year again with the DSPT deadine fast approaching. 

You need to publish the DSPT by 30 June 2024 – so you still have time to do it. 

We just wanted to remind you that you don’t have to do it alone. 

Better Security, Better Care is the official, free support programme to help adult social care services to complete the toolkit and keep your information safe. We strongly recommend that you use the support provided by the programme – the national team and local support partners know exactly what you need to do and are our official partners on the DSPT. 

They provide tailored support whether you are completing the DSPT for a single site, or multiple services in your care group, and they can guide you through everything you need to consider and have in place. So, for example, if you find that you do not have certain policies or procedures in place, you can access free templates and adapt them for your organisation. 

You can: 

Get tailored local support 

We are your local Better Security, Better Care partners who can offer support, including a step-by-step guide through your own DSPT entry.

Access free resources and webinars including: 

·       Guidance on using the DSPT for the first time including updated tips and videos on answering each question 

·       Checklist on what information to gather before completing the DSPT  

·       Template policies and resources to adapt and use 

·      Guidance on publishing one DSPT for multiple sites 

·       Book a national webinar

·       View a webinar recording 

Contact the Digital Social Care helpline 

Ask questions about completing the DSPT and what you need to have in place. 

Tel 0808 196 4848 or email 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

DSPT Administrator, plus Headquarters 

If you are no longer the DSPT Administrator for your organisation, please log in and change the Administrator details. And please do pass on this email to the new Administrator. If you have any problems with that, just contact the DSPT helpdesk: Tel: 0300 303 4034, or email:

Finally, if you are a care group with multiple sites, you may be able to complete just one DSPT for all branches if they have the same data and cyber security policies and procedures. You just need to make sure you select the applicable sites in your DSPT assessment and inform your staff. You can find further guidance here. 

The benefits of the DSPT: a quick reminder 

It’s never been more important to have the Data Security and Protection Toolkit in place. All care services are recording and sharing more information with more organisations. 

You have a legal responsibility to sensitive data safe. But it can be difficult to know where to start. The DSPT is a comprehensive, up to date tool to ensure that you have the right policies, procedures and practices in place to keep paper and digital records safe. 

The DSPT will help you to comply with: GDPR; commissioners’ data management expectations and DSPT is now a CQC requirement under the new Single Assessment Framework under “Well Led” Governance, management and sustainability. 

And it can open up new business opportunities. You must have an up-to-date DSPT if you deliver or wish to deliver services under NHS contracts, access NHSmail or take part in any healthcare record sharing projects such as GP Connect.   

We hope you find this useful, and whatever stage you’re at with your DSPT – please do contact the official Better Security, Better Care programme for support. 

Posted by Michaela on June 11th 2024

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