Half your laundry drying costs with greener technology

by DCHC Sponsor, Gillman's

Following on from last month’s blog about reducing time and laundry costs using a chemical disinfection process as opposed to thermal disinfection (70 degree washing), another way to be greener and save a lot of money, as well as possible compliance in terms of Gas dryers, is to invest in “heat pump” technology.

Traditional dryers tend to be gas or electrically heated and require ducting to take warm air outside. Gas dryers need annual gas safety certificates and require a larger 500mm gap behind the machine for air movement and can eat into the laundry rooms floor space.

Modern heat pump dryers require no ducting and use very little energy in comparison to a traditional electric dryer.

Traditional 25amp Electric 7kg vented dryer:

Cycle time- 46 minutes

Energy & Cost per cycle- 3KW and 84p per cycle

Cost per month based on 8 loads a day £201.60

Heat pump 13amp Electric 7kg dryer:

Cycle time- 67 minutes

Energy & Cost per cycle- 1.2 KW and 34p per cycle

Cost per month based on 8 loads a day £81.60

Monthly saving £120 per machine

These figures are based on a traditional 25amp vented Miele dryer versus the new Miele 7kg 13amp heat pump dryers, which are available to see and test at our Exeter showroom. Whilst the heat pumps are 19 mins longer, they can save you 50p a cycle or £4.00 a day based on 8 loads.

If you are interested in understanding how the heat pump machines work, please see this Miele video. We can also visit your home and come up with some site-specific figures. At Gillman’s, we offer heat pump dryers from Miele, Electrolux and many other brands.  You can reach us on 0800 014 1474 or at commercial@gillmans.co.uk.

Posted on November 20th 2023

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