Welcome to our new sponsor, CLH Healthcare

CLH Healthcare, a family business, have been supplying a vast range of products and services into the healthcare sector since 1975.

Our purpose is to make life easier for you, the caregivers of the elderly. We connect you with the best and most innovative products and services, ensuring efficiency and a safe caregiving experience. Our products include mobility essentials and nursing and medical equipment.

Wondering what makes us different? We recently asked our customers what one word they would use to describe us and got a whole array of answers. The top three were: Reliable, Helpful & Efficient. Are you looking for a new partner that will work with you? Get in touch with us today!

Phone: 01392 823233, Email: info@clhgroup.co.ukWeb: www.clhgroup.co.uk


Posted by Michaela on February 22nd 2024

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