Smart Technology in Care Homes: January 2024

As the project enters into 2024, Pam and Claire, our team members, have been conducting in-person visits to care homes around Torbay. These face-to-face interactions offer a unique opportunity to speak directly with residents about their experiences with smart technology, as well as their attitudes and concerns and Pam has been ensured these sessions are fun and engagement by using whiteboards and interactive sticky pads. These insights help us tailor resources appropriately, addressing specific reservations and requests.

For instance, one resident sought information on how to follow his favourite football team, prompting us to create resources to meet this need. Another care home's use of Alexa to listen to M4D radio, part of the Music for Dementia campaign, inspired us to develop resources on how to set this up, enabling other care homes, staff, and residents to explore this idea. Read more here about what care homes around Devon have been using Alexa for.

In addition to these specialised resources, we've been compiling a collection of general materials, including guides on setting up Alexa and performing tasks like "setting a timer," which we're distributing to care homes.

Furthermore, one of the care homes Pam has been visiting is predominantly Polish-speaking, providing valuable insights into how Alexa is used in different cultural contexts. Recognising the language barrier, we've collaborated with volunteers to translate resources for non-English speakers.

If you would like further details about the project, don't hesitate to reach out via email at: (for general information about the project and feedback your own experience)

or (for guidance/instructions about the Advisory Group and resources)

Posted by Michaela on January 1st 2024

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