What have care homes around Devon been using Alexa for?

Pam and Clare, our team members, have been visiting care homes around Devon to understand not only what smart technology, particularly Alexa, is capable of but also how it is actively being utilised.

This blog explores the initiatives undertaken by Ilford Park and Furzeham Lodge, where residents are using Alexa beyond its standard functionalities. This creates a tailored experience for residents and enhances both independence and overall well-being.

From using Alexa to promote physical activity through dance, and even connecting residents with family and friends across borders, we hope this summary will not only provide you with a glimpse into the fantastic ideas pioneered by Ilford Park and Furzeham Lodge but also inspire you and your care home to explore the potential of Alexa.

And if you're eager to learn how to implement these innovations, our step-by-step guides are here to guide you through the process!

Ilford Park:

Memory Lane Alexa Skill:

This Alexa skill enriches reminiscence therapy by allowing residents to ask for a specific year and receive a short description along with an audio recording of a defining event. It enhances cognitive stimulation and encourages meaningful conversations about the past, promoting a sense of historical connection.

Crochet Patterns:

Crochet serves as a therapeutic and creative outlet, promoting fine motor skills and cognitive focus. Residents can ask Alexa for different patterns and designs.

Birthday Reminders:

Alexa can provide residents with birthday reminders, this could be used for family and friends or within the care home to promote a sense of community.

Football Scores:

Sport-lovers can use Alexa to follow their favourite football team and receive regular, real-time score updates.


Audiobooks are a great way to provide both intellectual stimulation and relaxation. Audiobooks also make literature accessible to individuals with varying levels of vision or cognitive abilities.

Calling Family and Friends Abroad:

Facilitating calls to family and friends abroad adds a crucial social component to residents' lives. It ensures that residents maintain connections with their loved ones regardless of geographical distances.

Furzham Lodge:

MD4 Radio for Dementia:

A dementia friendly radio station where residents can choose a specific era of music. This provides a personalised and nostalgic experience, potentially triggering positive memories and emotions.

Black Lace Party Album:

Using music to promote dancing is an excellent way to encourage physical activity, social interaction, and a sense of joy. Residents likely benefit not only from the physical movement but also from the social connections formed during these dance sessions.

Posted by Michaela on March 1st 2024

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