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Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to each and every one of our sponsors. Their support helps Devon Care Home Collaborative deliver vital care.

Gold Level Sponsors:

Welcome to Prydis Care Consultancy, a beacon of innovation in the care sector. As a holistic care service support provider, our offerings extend from CQC & Compliance, People & Culture, Financial, Business & Management to Legal services - positioning us as the comprehensive solution for the complexities of the dynamic care industry.

At the heart of Prydis' approach is our unique integrated model. We harmonise our wide range of services to provide a streamlined management experience, ensuring efficient operations for your organisation. This integrated approach allows you to focus solely on your core mission - delivering top-quality care.

Benefit from our bespoke quality audits designed in line with fundamental standards. Our comprehensive HR advice aids in managing absence and performance effectively. Utilise our strategic business reviews to assess your operations and take advantage of our precise financial forecasting to inform your financial decisions.

We specialise in helping services respond to the challenges of social care. We work with you to ensure the service quality and business management is at it’s very best.

Get in touch today to discover how Prydis can revolutionise your care service management. Let Prydis be your trusted partner in delivering excellence and spearheading innovation in care. Together, we can navigate the complexities of care service management and set new benchmarks for success.

RWK Goodman Logo(22610993.1) (002).png (rwk-goodman-logo-22610993-1-002.png)

The Health & Social Care team at RWK Goodman is a recognised market leader, with in-depth knowledge and experience in the social care sector. Based across London, Thames Valley and the South West, our team of lawyers are fully immersed in social care, which enables us to cut to the heart of urgent matters quickly, and help you plan for what may lie ahead.

Our aim is to get to know your business and become the strategic advisors you trust to provide insightful, pragmatic solutions. Our clients include nursing and residential homes, hospices, homecare agencies, supported living, specialist colleges and children’s services.

T: 01225 730 100

Our advice covers many areas, including:

  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Real estate development, leases and construction
  • Refinancing
  • HR and employment law
  • Business immigration advice and sponsor licence applications
  • CQC registration
  • Challenging CQC inspection reports, enforcement action, ratings, cancellation of registration and CQC prosecutions
  • Advice on service user and commissioning contracts
  • Local authority embargos
  • Safeguarding
  • Mental capacity, DOLS and Court of Protection advice
  • Debt recovery
  • Data protection
  • Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
  • Litigation
  • Inquests

We are the legal partners for a number of local care associations, the Care Association Alliance, the Outstanding Society, the Care Innovation Hub and Care England.

What our clients have said about us:

The information that has been provided has been concise, in plain English (jargon free), and the instructions from you and your team have been thorough, and crystal clear. In addition to this, we always receive a prompt response, and you and your staff always go the extra mile to deliver great advice. It is a pleasure dealing with you and your team, and we look forward to collaboratively enhancing the great partnership we are developing over the next few years.”

Silver Level Sponsors:

Our Silver sponsor, Gillman's, is a third-generation family business based in Gloucester and Exeter. They provide commercial laundry, dishwashing, bedpans and refrigeration machines to the care sector, as well as service and repair support across Devon.

Gilman's have a long history of excellent service coupled with the best brands in the market. They are partners for Electrolux, Miele and Maidaid as well as many others.

They also offer discounted rates for DCHC members. Please contact Dan Lloyd, Commercial Sales Manager, for further details:

Email: dan.lloyd@gillmans.co.uk

Tel: 01452 509050

Visit Gillman's website here.

Check out Gillman's recent blog, The "cool" approach to laundry infection control

What Services do InstaCare Systems offer?

  • ALL BRANDS of Nurse Call System Maintenance
  • ALL BRANDS of New Nurse Call Systems Supplied & Installed
  • Systems to combine your existing call bells with your existing digital care plans! All your calls and care plans in one handheld device!
  • Fall monitoring devices for ALL types of call bells!
  • Nurse Call Parts and Accessories: Pressure Mats, Door Contacts, Pendants, Call Points…..you name it we supply it!
  • CCTV Installation for all your external surveillance needs!
  • Paging Systems and Service

About InstaCare Systems…

InstaCare Systems is the leading independent specialist of all things Nurse CallPaging and Digital Care Integration in the South West. We help our customers with everything from a pressure mat to an annual maintenance service, right through to a new system install. We work with ALL the leading nurse call and digital integration suppliers as fully supported trade partners. This means that all of our engineers are fully trained AND supported by the manufacturers themselves. Resulting in truly independent advice and support to our customers. So, they get the same high quality leading brands, at the most competitive prices, all with highest level of customer service from a great local company.

Why do our customers choose us?

With over 200 care homes in the south west who chose InstaCare Systems to supply, maintain and ultimately install new systems, we pride ourselves on the following values: 

  • The best customer service out there. We treat our customers as we would if we were supplying our own family. We look to preserve assets where possible, come up with cost effective and innovative solutions and value long term relationships with our homes. 
  • Independent and unbiased advice. We know all homes are unique and that no two homes need the exact same technology. Our specialist engineers work on all nurse call systems and provide a sound ally when the time comes for our homes to select a new system. We are trusted by our customers to help them navigate the process of deciding which nurse call will work best for them, meet all their needs within budget. 
  • Innovative: Our independent nature comes into its own when we look at how we can integrate new technologies. Working with different companies and technologies allows us to provide a tailored solution not be achievable by going direct to a single manufacturer. 
  • Striving to improve care through improved infrastructure, allowing homes to focus their efforts on what they do best, providing the best care.

Our company ethos….

At the heart of our business is family. A family run company where our homes become friends and part of the wider InstaCare Family. And at the heart of everything we do is our customers. We really do care about them and helping them make their homes the best they can be. We know that it is often a challenging industry to be in and one where money and people are often over stretched. We work hard to help our customers only spend money where necessary but whilst optimising their use of technology to the best of their ability. 

CoolCare Care Home Management Software

Going digital has never been easier, not only will CoolCare save you money, it will give days of time back to your management to use more productively in providing care.

CoolCare has first-hand experience in care home management, being part of the LNT group that has built and operated care homes for decades. Our industry leading system CoolCare has therefore been designed from a position of knowledge and understanding of what Executive Management need from software and how it can save administrators time.

  • Occupancy & Enquiry Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Staff Rostering and absence management
  • HR & Training
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Management reporting

There are many ways that CoolCare helps transform a business:

Improving Occupancy Performance

We recognise the importance of financial performance and cost reduction, in what is a close-margin sector.  CoolCare also assists homes with their enquiry management processes:

  • Reducing the average time of an enquiry takes to convert to a resident to under 25 days
  • Supporting operators hit conversion rate of above 33%, with win rates of over 52%
  • Achieving overall improvement in average fees above the national average
  • Securing a higher-than-average proportion of self-funded residents

Giving Transparency and Cost Savings in Staff Management

CoolCare delivers measurable savings through the way in which it uniquely handles staff attendance, shift planning and rostering.  The system automatically snaps staff to shift, removing extraneous minutes and hours per shift from the payroll calculations. This is proven to deliver savings of around £4.95 per snapped shift, with half of all shifts “snapping”. For a single, 50 bed home, that could be over £40,000 per year in additional staffing costs saved. If overtime is necessary, authorisation is easy, reportable and 100% transparent.

Communicating with Staff

Staff communication, shift offering and requesting is handled directly from the shift management page.  Need some cover? Text 10 staff in 10 seconds, wait for the responses and pick your perfect cover team. This alone saves hours of manager time, improves response time and ensures bank staff and those who want extra shifts remain engaged. Importantly, it allows flexibility in staff planning, people can ask for extra shifts but turn down shifts without issue meaning happier staff and greater staff retention

Streamlining Invoicing

CoolCare also automates and systemises resident invoicing.  The complexities of care home finances are lost on no one, many homes outsource or employ full time staff in this one role. CoolCare revolutionises the way billing and invoicing is performed through automated invoicing rules. What would previously be days of work updating back-dating fee changes and becomes a 10 minute job.

Easy Installation

From a technology perspective, installing CoolCare couldn’t be easier.   CoolCare hosts data in the cloud, accessed by any web enabled device, PC, tablet, mobile, firewall protected, but accessible globally.

Easy to Use

Your staff will find CoolCare intuitive and user-friendly. Customer feedback tells us they don’t just like CoolCare, they love it.  It saves them time and improves their reporting and oversight. More importantly you will get full and accurate data to help you improve your business operations.

CoolCare is, therefore, the embodiment of our ethos of providing great value, specialist and user-friendly care home management software. We know the complexities of invoicing; we know a care home never closes; we know staff rotas can change frequently – we understand your business and have designed software to help you run it efficiently.

Our insight into what working in care is really like is unique. Whether a Chief Executive, HR Manager, Financial Controller or Care Home Administrator, we truly understand.

Address:  Helios 47, Leeds, LS25 2DY
Tel: +44 (0) 113 385 3853
Website: www.coolcare4.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CoolCare4 
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/coolcare4

CLH Healthcare, a family business, have been supplying a vast range of products and services into the healthcare sector since 1975.

Our purpose is to make life easier for you, the caregivers of the elderly. We connect you with the best and most innovative products and services, ensuring efficiency and a safe caregiving experience. Our products include mobility essentials and nursing and medical equipment.

Wondering what makes us different? We recently asked our customers what one word they would use to describe us and got a whole array of answers. The top three were: Reliable, Helpful & Efficient. Are you looking for a new partner that will work with you? Get in touch with us today!

Phone: 01392 823233, Email: info@clhgroup.co.ukWeb: www.clhgroup.co.uk

Happier with Ocean Healthcare

Agency Staffing Services

Ocean Healthcare specialise in the provision of high-quality agency staffing support. 

We know that you need our agency workers to hit the ground running. Of course, you’ll need to give them a decent induction. However, after that, you need to know they will add value on their first shift. It’s important that we understand what you require. All agency workers must have made it through our rigorous recruitment process, but some will suit your environment more than others. We’ll keep learning about what works for you which will help us handpick and send the most suitable people we have for your location.

We understand the challenges of running a care service. The last thing you need is to be mucked around by poor quality agency workers and poor communication. We will be honest and transparent about what you can expect. Looking for an agency that plays with a straight bat? You’ve found us! 

Search and Select

Our Search & Select division is a senior-level recruitment consultancy. We find and place the best talent in clinical and management roles within Health and Social Care.

Ocean Healthcare has been operating as a Health and Social Care recruiter since 2013. Early in 2023, we introduced Emma Bedford to our business to drive this new service in Senior-Level Search & Select. We can fill permanent, interim and contract roles. Emma is a career recruitment professional operating with deep experience in senior recruitment and a track record of delivering the best outcomes for clients. She is joined by Ocean-grown talent Naomi Ruiz-Walker who brings an unparalleled level of graft and determination to make things happen.

Complex Care Services

We provide high quality, nurse-led care for people of all ages with complex needs. Our complex care services cover a wide spectrum of conditions. Most of the people we support have either suffered some kind of trauma, have a genetic, degenerative disorder or learning disability. Common conditions we work with include:

  • Spinal Injury
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Huntington's Disease
  • Moto Neurone Disease
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Stroke
  • Learning Disability
  • Autism
  • Dementia

Live Happy, Care Well

We believe that great care can only come from happy people. Live Happy Care Well is our deeply held philosophy that drives all we do. Our aim is to help everyone working in healthcare to live happy lives, so they can provide consistently great care.

Great care starts with great people who are properly trained. So, we do that. It also starts with Happy people (in our opinion), so we work hard at that too. Training at Ocean Healthcare is something we invest in heavily. Training is so often a tick-box exercise, but it should make us increasingly better at what we do. We hope you'll commit to continually improving yourself in your work and we'll support you with that. We also hope that you will make the decision every day to make the most of the special moments you have to make someone feel like you care about them and what you're doing. We'll challenge you to keep that central to all you're doing.

For more information, please get in touch via email at office@oceanhealthcare.co.uk or by telephone:

Torbay: 01803 262003
Barnstaple: 01271 452003
Exeter: 01392 982041
Plymouth: 01752 938013
Taunton: 01278 286020
Complex Care: 01803 470025

Bronze Level Sponsors:

Barons Logo.png (barons-logo.png)

Perfect results every time come as standard with Barons, the healthcare furniture specialist

For over 50 years, Barons has manufactured handcrafted high-quality furniture specifically to meet the needs of the care markets, providing outstanding levels of customer service with a refreshing personal touch that their customers can rely on.

Experience counts

Barons has earned an enviable reputation working with architects, designers, and project managers, and directly with many leading lights within the healthcare sector. Our team has helped them to complete their projects on time and within budget, providing unwavering levels of quality, service, and guidance across the UK.

Over the years Barons has worked with many care groups, care providers, and support organisations and we are incredibly proud to be associated with the Devon Care Homes Collaborative and to be able to offer our products, services, and support to their members in the Devon, Plymouth, and Torbay areas.

Whether it’s a traditional care setting you desire or a more modern, contemporary interior, Barons contract furniture can provide comfort, durability, and stunning design choices across a wide-ranging portfolio of furniture applications that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Fabulous eclectic design ranges and beautiful anti-microbial, fire-retardant, and water-resistant, easy-clean fabrics, with those special finishing soft furnishing touches, help you create safe, friendly environments.

Your perfect partner

Barons has a simple blueprint for ‘perfect results every time’; delivering finely crafted contract furniture with eye-catching designs, paired with quality materials, superb craftsmanship, and unprecedented levels of customer service.

We also remain one of the main innovators in the market; concepts like our display van service see Barons going the extra mile, bringing carefully selected items of crafted quality furniture directly to you, wherever you might be. The service helps potential and existing customers, and their residents better understand Barons’ products and make fully informed choices about the furniture that will help them create the beautiful interiors they desire.

Your local area Barons sales manager Lawrence Easley has a wealth of experience in the contract furniture and soft furnishings industry and will be delighted to provide this unique display van service for Devon Care Collaborative members.

Call or email for further information or to book a display van visit:

Tel: 01253 741940
Email: sales@baronsfurniture.co.uk

Our Bronze sponsor, Trust Hire, have over 15 years experience in recruitment for the health and social care sector. They offer a variety of hiring solutions including Temporary, Permanent, Temp to Perm and Overseas.

Trust Hire offer rates bespoke to DCHC.

Please contact Josh McDonald, Managing Director, for further details: 

Tel: 07940 920083

Email: josh.m@trusthirerecruitment.co.uk or visit the Trust Hire website.

Check out Josh's blog, Partnering with a Care Sector Recruitment Agency on our blog page.

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