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Provider Engagement Opportunities

Check out Devon's Provider Engagement Page for information on the Countywide Strategic Forums and Locality and County Care Home Forums. All information is updated by Devon County Council.

Locality Operational Forums

These are engagement opportunities for all types of Adult Social Care providers in a particular locality to meet with Devon County Council’s Market Management Team and the locality Assistant Director/Social Care Operational Team to discuss and share local concerns, topics of interest and hear about the latest market support.

Eastern Locality Operational Forum, Monday 20th March, 1.30pm-2.30pm - Click here to join the meeting

South Locality Operational Forum, Monday 20th March, 2.30pm-3.30pm - Click here to join the meeting

West Locality Operational Forum,  Wednesday 22nd March, 1.30pm-2.30pm - Click here to join the meeting

North Locality Operational Forum, Thursday 23rd March, 3.30pm-4.30pm - Click here to join the meeting


This predominantly on-line programme is for Nurses, Nursing Associates and Assistant Practitioners. Nursing teams within social care tend to stay in the background a little and are not always recognised for the skills they have. Therefore, with few specific qualifications to aim for that are nationally recognised, other than mandatory training and some clinically specific areas of training such as catheterisation and wound care, the proposed Advanced Diploma (CPD) in Adult Social Care Nursing will bridge the qualification gap.

In collaboration with university lecturers, a programme of study has been written through a set of nursing competencies, underpinned by the Queens Nursing Institute (QNI) Standards, that shall be available to social care nurses, covering a selection of necessary skills that can support the nurse in their role. This includes mandatory areas of care, clinical care, person centred approaches, care of chronic conditions as well as specific skills a nursing home nurse requires to practice effectively and safely. This is being accredited by University of Bolton and supported by Health Education England. It will carry approximately 30 Level 6 higher education credits and will run over 16 weeks of study to be completed via a mainly on-line platform and then a further 16 weeks to complete the accompanying clinical skills portfolio.

The programme will provide sector specific educators who will come to the home to ensure that the clinical modules are fully understood and undertaken to the required standard. Furthermore, the course will embrace innovative immersive technology to make the learning material interesting, relevant and compelling and will go hand in hand with the easy on-line modular approach, much of which can be completed on a range of devices including mobile phones. This is going to be run just in Devon, commencing in late 2023, all being well. Exciting!

We want to see social care nurses striving towards gaining this qualification with pride. They should be recognised within a standard as specialists in social care nursing and be fully equipped to work holistically at a higher level.  We are very excited about this project, as it has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from our own nurses and healthcare professionals, both locally and nationally.

A new era of nursing is dawning and we are pleased to be very much part of it, so let your manager know you are interested to be part of this amazing team of nurses. Please send your email to the addresses below and sign up as a motivated nurse! It’s your first step towards furthering your amazing career!

Please call if you would like to know more about the programme, and we’ll be happy to help!

Margot Whittaker BSc., RGN, Queens Nurse.

07939 577788

Shaun Kershaw M.Ed., BA Hons, FHEA.

University of Bolton Satellite Centre for Nursing (based at Petroc)

07968 477130 

Prevention of Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD)

29th March 2023, 2pm - 4pm

Working in collaboration with Medicareplus Limited, the Northern Devon Care Homes Team are pleased to invite you to a FREE educational webinar held by MS Teams.

Topics include:

  • The Stratum Corneum and Acid Mantle Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD)
  • Incontinence Related Skin Damage (IAD)
  • Pressure Ulceration V’s Moisture lesions
  • S.M.A.R.T Skin Moisture Alert Reporting Tool
  • Treatment protocol – Choosing the correct skin barrier protectant

This training is available to Care Homes / Care Providers in North Devon. 

To attend this session, please complete and submit the online booking form

For further information, please email

Pharmacological management of breathlessness and supplementary oxygen use at end of life

FREE online learning

1st March 2023, 1:30pm - 3pm

This event will help individuals to understand the causes of breathlessness in palliative care and know when oxygen may or may not be beneficial. It is also a chance to understand the mechanism of pharmacological approaches.

Register now

T34 Ambulatory Syringe Pump Training

FREE classroom learning event

Venue: Avenue Road, Torquay TQ2 5LS

7th March 2023, 1pm - 4pm

Designed for registered nurses working in local nursing homes, this training will cover the general principles when caring for a patient with a syringe pump and increase understanding of medications and dose ranges most commonly used in a syringe pump. It will also aid confidence in assembling and setting up the T34 correctly, discussing the common problems that arise and how to deal with them.

Book here

End of life care planning - helping people plan future wishes and choices (ACP Part 1)

FREE online learning

16th March 2023, 1:30pm - 3pm

This training will help individuals understand the process of Advanced Care Planning (ACP) in ascertaining people’s wishes and making advance statements. It will increase knowledge and confidence in choices and decision making using local and national resources to assist and identify ways that will enable conversation about people’s future wishes.

Reserve your place

End of life care planning - helping people understand legal aspects (ACP Part 2)

FREE online training

22nd March 2023, 1:30pm - 3pm

This session will enable a greater understanding of the decisions which are supported by the legal aspects of Advance Care Planning and offers clarity about responsibility for decisions, e.g. advance decisions to refuse treatments. It will also help increase confidence in supporting patients and families with legal decision making and use of local and national resources.

Book today

Facing Death Creatively

FREE classroom learning event

Venue: Avenue Road, Torquay TQ2 5LS

23rd March 2023, 1:30pm - 4pm

Designed for health and social care professionals working at all levels, this training will explore the role that music can have with patients and families at the end of life and raise awareness of how creativity can enable a person to remain outward looking as they approach the end of their life. It will also explore the role of creativity in challenging the loss of identity and sense of self.

Register here

Fully funded personal development programme, level one pilot providing experienced employees from all Health and Social Care settings with the opportunity to develop core knowledge, skills, behaviours and values required to progress and be the best that you can be.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside others within the sector, enhancing your understanding of how your role links to the multidisciplinary team, and meets the needs of your organisation and the wider sector. You will develop your Maths, English skills and participate in a Workplace Improvement Project. It will be delivered by Exeter, Petroc, South Devon and Plymouth colleges, starting in March/April 2023.

Find out more!

NEW! Virtual Dementia Tour – May 2023

Fully funded training available through the Health and Social Care Skills Accelerator Programme!

Have you ever wondered what people with dementia experience every day?

The Virtual Dementia Tour is the only scientifically and medically proven method of giving a person the experience of what having dementia is like. By walking in the shoes of a person with dementia, we can start to understand the issues that they experience everyday. You will experience being confused, isolated, lost, intimidated, vulnerable and much more and therefore understand what you need to change to improve quality of care.

By the end of this training, you will be able to recognise the issues faced by people with dementia and start to think about the provision of services to meet their needs.

Dates and Locations:

3rd May 2023 – City College Plymouth

To book your place, please email:

4th May 2023 – University Centre South Devon, Paignton

To book your place, please email:

10th May 2023 - County Hall, Exeter

To book your place, please email: 

11th May 2023 - Learn Devon, Tavistock

To book your place, please email:

15th May 2023 - Silver Hill, Barnstaple

To book your place, please email: 

Please note: There is a maximum of two bookings per organisation. Spaces are limited so booking is essential. Eligibility criteria applies.

To find out more about the experience, visit Virtual Dementia Tour - Training 2 Care UK Ltd.

FREE Safeguarding Adults Level 3 Training

There will be one course this year available via the Hive on 14th June 2023, 9.15am – 4.30pm

The course is designed for senior members of care organisations, and covers:

  • taking part, and contributing to, wider multi-disciplinary safeguarding meetings

  • the challenges of complex safeguarding concerns

  • how communication, information sharing and confidentiality contribute to effective safeguarding

  • reflective practice and the role of supervision in safeguarding

Book your free place on the HIVE. For further support and information, please connect with

Trainee Registered Nursing Associates (RNA)

September 2023/April 2024 intake

RNAs – what they are and why we need them!

RNAs are hands-on, skilled nursing staff, usually with a background in the care industry, who bridge the gap between Healthcare Support Workers and the Registered Nurse. They work within a multi-disciplinary team and provide clinical skills and assessment that unregistered staff cannot undertake and therefore improve client wellbeing and clinical outcomes.

Find out more about Nursing Associates and discover the differences between Nursing Associates and Nurses on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) website.

What are the benefits of taking on Nursing Associates?

  • Improved Staff retention rates with investment into career pathways and increased job satisfaction.

  • NAs have NMC Registration

  • Offers clear progression pathway to staff that is FULLY FUNDED

  • Immediate clinical decision making on hand for residents from a Registered NA, rather than relying on external RNs visiting.

  • Investment in the progression of being able to manage residents with higher complex needs and the ability serve a wider market of potential residents.

  • Fewer long-term costs than staffing with Registered Nurses

  • Funding given to providers to support learners

  • Course fees fully funded – Level 5 university level qualification for your staff

  • Recruit carers and support through NA training – recruitment tool

Be part of the future of Social Care Nursing

Plymouth Marjon University host an 8-week remote ‘Bridging Programme’ for trainee NAs to help them move into Higher Education.

To find out more, contact Jennifer Lunnon, Adult Social Care Nursing Lead, by emailing

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