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Provider Engagement Opportunities

Check out Devon's Provider Engagement Page for information on the Countywide Strategic Forums and Locality and County Care Home Forums. All information is updated by Devon County Council.

Devon County Care Home Forum 

An open invitation to all care homes within the Devon County Council footprint to regularly meet with Devon’s Market Management Team, NHS Devon, commissioners and other professionals to share information on key topics of interest and concern, hear about and get involved in care home commissioning work and find out more about other key national and local care home priorities. 

Meeting dates are as follows:

26th September 2023, 2-3pm

31st October 2023, 2-3pm

28th November 2023, 2-3pm

There will be no meeting in August and December.

Invitations for the monthly meetings will include a meeting joining link which will be sent out to care homes prior to each meeting.

Devon County Care Home Forum (Tuesday 26th September, 2-3pm),

Theme: Hospital Discharge - Winter 2023/24.

The theme of the session this month is hospital discharge and winter plans, and we will be joined by colleagues from the ICB including Lou Higgins, Locality Director – North/ East Devon, Holly McKenzie, Head of Urgent Care – North/East Devon & Derek Blackford, Locality Director – South/West Devon.  

Here is an overview of the agenda:

  1. System data forecasts for hospital discharges into care homes for the next 12 months.
  2. Pathway definitions - what do we mean by Pathway 2 / Pathway 3?
  3. Sharing feedback from providers that have supported Pathway 2 / Pathway 3 discharges. This will also be an opportunity for you to feedback on your experiences of hospital discharges.
  4. Improvements for this winter and the DCC / ICB longer term strategy

Click here to join the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you.

A unique opportunity exists for Nurses, Assistant Practitioners and Nursing Associates to get involved with Devon’s exciting social care nursing programme.

This FREE pilot level 6 course, supported by Health Education England, awaits approval by the University of Bolton and will carry 30 UCAS points.

This course is designed to support RN’s, RNA and APs within nursing and care homes to deliver high-quality, person-directed care along with clinical expertise, an inquiring mind, and reflection of practice.

It is a dynamic, immersive and experiential learning experience focusing on practical, reflective and critical thinking in practice. Learning is orientated towards clinical practice as well as understanding the needs of residents, promoting values such as kindness, compassion and relationship/person-centric well-being. It explores all aspects of adult social care nursing with its day-to-day challenges, deliberating on situations and successful resolutions.

This level 6 Course will embrace innovative immersion of learning, using up-to-date technology to make the subject material interesting, relevant, and compelling. It is a predominantly on-line learning programme together with in-home face-to-face assessment of practice and competencies. Also included are 10 face-to-face clinical days, (In Dawlish or Barnstable)  led by a clinical nurse tutor or invited specialist, guiding the nurses to take a’ deep dive’ immersion of clinical skills. This all goes hand in hand with an interactive learning application accessible on the nurse’s mobile phone.

Participants will be fully engrossed in problem-solving, innovation and reflective thinking development.

This provider-led programme will support participants to improve skills, enrich team development, promote leadership values and help boost confidence in practice., commencing in early 2024.

Course details

  • A 32-week course delivered via blended learning; a mix of online learning (70%) and face-to-face delivery and in-practice clinical assessment. 
  • First 16 weeks will involve 112 hours of learning (approx. 7 hours per week
  • Second 16 weeks will involve 188 hours of learning (approx. 12 hours per week) and 3 chosen clinical skills, face to face taught days.
  • Completion of one 3000-word Critical Reflection.
  • Inclusion of QNI Standards and story telling through the 5 CQC KLOE’s so learning is relatable

Registering Interest: email to express interest by 25/10/23 or for more details call 07939577788.

Advanced Diploma Preview Presentation

Come along to an online preview presentation of the Advanced Diploma Adult Social Care Nursing on 15th September at 10am.

We are looking for motivated nursing colleagues who would like to be involved in the programme in the  New Year when we hope to launch, but we need to know how many nurses might be interested prior to putting it before the University accreditation panel on 26th October.

Latest courses available on the HIVE dashboard

Falls Foundation Training

This course covers issues around falls, osteoporosis and how to identify those at risk. It includes how to screen those who have fallen and highlights evidence-based interventions to help reduce falls and degrees of injury following a fall.

Post Fall Training - Community Staff

This is a session that will equip staff to assess and intervene appropriately to assist the non-injured faller.

Hydration eLearning

Hydration training to help improve hydration in residential care and nursing homes. Evidenced based recommendations, such as implementing seven structured drinks rounds daily, improves hydration levels and has been shown to reduce urinary tract infections, falls and hospital admissions.

This content has been created by Vicky Wicks, Special Clinical Community Dietician.

Care Organisations – MCA Assessment and Best Interest for Providers

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is a legal requirement when planning care for a person who is unable to consent to the arrangements in place for them, as a consequence of an impairment of or disturbance in the functioning of their mind or brain.  This session is designed to support staff to understand the legal requirements placed upon them when providing care and/or treatment to people who lack mental capacity. It will provide some useful guidance/recording tools to support practice and is an opportunity to share good practice.

This session is aimed at Managers and Senior Staff who are responsible for the care planning process within their place of work. It will be facilitated by Nicky Griffin (MCA/DoLS Lead Practitioner within TSDFT) and QAIT team members.

FREE RESTORE2 training to ALL Care Providers in North Devon, Exeter, Mid and East Devon

What is RESTORE2? 

It is a tool used by Residential and Nursing Homes and Domiciliary Care Agencies to recognise and escalate deterioration in individuals in their care. It is designed to support staff to:

  • Recognise when a person may be deteriorating or is at risk of physical deterioration.

  • Act appropriately according to the person's care plan to protect and manage the person 

  • Obtain a complete set of physical observations and the use of "soft signs” to inform escalation and communication with health professionals. 

  • Speak with the appropriate health professionals in a timely way to get the right help, in the right place. 

  • Provide a clear escalation history to health professionals to support their decision making. 

Recommended by the CQC, PHE, The British Geriatrics Society and The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review Programme, this training is being offered either face to face or virtually via MS Teams, where capacity is available.

Only 1 care provider per session unless by prior agreement.

To book, please complete and submit the Pre-Training Assessment Form for North Devon and Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

From Confusion to Confidence: Simplifying Numeracy and Digital Skills for Success!

Remember those maths lessons in school? What if you could learn maths that's actually useful in your day-to-day life? Imagine having the essential skills to create budgets that work, tackle credit card debt, and master savvy cost-of-living hacks. Well, now you can, and its completely Free!

Through our comprehensive Head On program, we'll show you how to set up practical budgets, overcome debt, and gain necessary life skills. Our courses cover three key themes:

  • Numeracy Skills: Gain a solid foundation in maths for everyday life.
  • Digital Skills: Master the digital world, from basic computer literacy to online communication and research.
  • Websites, Apps, Financial Technology (Fintech): Discover convenient tools and resources to manage your finances effectively.

If you are someone that feels maths is useless in your daily routine or if you’ve been held back in your career due to a lack of essential numeracy and digital skills, we understand, and we're here to help you turn it all around.

You'll delve into the following essential topics:

  • Money Matters: Discover the secrets to managing your money effectively, gaining insights into smart financial decision-making.
  • Excel: Unleash the power of spreadsheets to organise and analyse your finances, making your financial life a breeze.
  • Budgeting Basics: Master the art of budgeting and learn practical strategies to stretch your hard-earned money further.
  • Cost of Living Hacks: Unlock insider tips and tricks to make your money go further, from bill-busting strategies to finding the best deals.
  • Tackling Debt Head-On: Take charge of your financial future by learning how to tackle debt, with expert guidance on repayment plans and tools.
  • Savvy for Self-Employment: If you're self-employed or aspiring to be, gain the financial know-how to thrive in your ventures, including online banking, tracking income and expenses, and understanding tax obligations.

Join our supportive community, where you can access online or face-to-face support in groups or one-on-one sessions. The choice is yours.

Head On is funded by the government and managed by Devon County Council, which aims to increase functional numeracy skills among adults in Devon, particularly among those harder to reach (please note the project does not cover Torbay or Plymouth).

This project is open to individuals in Devon, excluding Plymouth & Torbay, who have not previously attained a GCSE Grade 4 or C or higher maths qualification.

Ready to take the first step?. Learn more and embark on your journey towards financial empowerment:

Sign Up Now

Learn More About HeadOn

View and Book Latest Courses

If there's any further information you would like on this project, please contact us at

An Introduction to Loss and Bereavement

Online Training

12th September 2023, 1:30pm - 3pm

Designed for health and social care professionals working at all levels, this training will explore different perspectives on bereavement and grief, increase understanding of the subject and improve your confidence when interacting with people who are bereaved (at work or in personal life).

Book here

T34 Ambulatory Syringe Pump Training

14th September, 1pm - 4pm

FREE Classroon Learning Event

Venue: Avenue Road, Torquay TQ2 5LS

Designed for Registered Nurses working in local nursing homes, this session will include a discussion on the general principles when caring for a patient with a syringe pump. It is a chance to identify and understand medications and dose ranges most commonly used in a syringe pump and will aid confidence in assembling and setting up the T34 correctly.

Register today

Compassion Under Pressure

Online Training

19th September 2023, 1:30pm - 3pm

This training will help health and social care professionals review the benefits and challenges of providing compassionate health care and recognise the causes and signs of burnout. It is an opportunity to explore the ways in which work-related burnout can be minimised while delivering compassionate care and consider what makes you ‘resilient’ or flourish.

Reserve your place

Free Learning and Development Opportunities

The Health and Social Care Skills Accelerator Programme (HSSAP), part funded by the European Social Fund, provides a wide range of free, flexible learning and development opportunities!

The training ranges from workshops to short courses and qualifications. There are a wide variety of subjects to support you, your team, organisations you work with and anyone new to the health and social care sector. With in-person training and online courses available, there’s something for everyone! 

The training is fully funded, subject to the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Individuals have the right to live and work in the UK 

  • Individuals are over 18 years old, of if under 18 not be in education, employment or training (NEET), or at risk of becoming NEET 

  • Individuals live in a Devon post code area (Devon, Torbay and Plymouth) 

For more information on the courses available, please visit our website.

Training delivered by the Eastern Care Services Team 

Urinary Tract Infections and Catheter Care

Wednesday 2nd August 2023, 2pm - 4pm

Presented by Specialist Nurse Educators with the ECST

Complete the booking form to attend.

Antimicrobial Stewardship and You, Prevention of Infections

Thursday 3rd August 2023, 2pm - 4pm

Presented by Bridget Spooner from the Infection Prevention & Control Team RDUH

Complete the booking form to attend.

Prevention & Control of Infections within Care Settings

Wednesday 16th August 2023, 2pm - 4pm

Presented by Specialist Nurse Educators with the ECST

To attend, please complete the booking form.

Management of Skin Tears

Tuesday 19th September 2023, 2pm - 4pm

Presented by the Tissue Viability Team RDUH.

For Residential Homes only.

Complete the booking form to attend.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention including Tissue Viability

Tuesday 3rd October 2023, 2pm - 4pm

Information from the Independent Living Centre on seating solutions and pressure relief.

Presented by Specialist Nurse Educators with the E.C.S.T 

To attend, please complete the booking form.

Continence Management (NEW for 2023)

Thursday 5th October 2023, 2pm - 4pm 

Presented by Specialist Nurse Educators with the E.C.S.T. 

Complete the booking form to attend.

Introducing Diabetes – Learning the Basics (NEW for 2023)

Tuesday 10th October 2023, 2pm - 4pm 

Presented by Specialist Nurse Educators with the E.C.S.T. 

To attend, please complete the booking form.

Oral Health Educational Webinar

Wednesday 12th October 2023, 2pm - 4:15pm

Presented by the NDHT Oral Health Practitioners NHS 

Complete the booking form to attend.

Posture Care Awareness

Tuesday 31st October 2023, 2pm - 3:30pm 

Hosted by Specialist Nurse Educators with the E.C.S.T. 

To attend, please complete the booking form.

Antimicrobial Stewardship and You, Prevention of Infections

Wednesday 8th November 2023 14:00 – 16:00

Presented by Bridget Spooner from the Infection Prevention & Control Team RDUH 

Complete the booking form to attend.

Supporting Staff Bereavement in the Workplace

Virtual Session on Friday 15th September

In one year, 24% of those in employment experience a bereavement; however a quarter of those, just under 2 million people, experience grief of an intensity which impairs their ability to work and puts them at risk of related physical and mental health conditions. Bereavement in the Workplace Report 

Navigating the period after an employee suffers a bereavement can be a difficult time for employers. How do you effectively support staff with their grief? How can you put in place proactive support for staff’s mental health, and what should your bereavement policy look like?

Join us for this half-day masterclass to explore these common questions and improve the support you can offer to your staff. You will come away with a better understanding of the impact that bereavement and grief can have on your employees, how it can impact their work and what practical steps you can take to support employees in the workplace.

This conference will enable you to:

  • Support staff in the workplace who are experiencing bereavement and grief
  • Understand how bereavement can impact your staff and their wellbeing
  • Handle difficult situations where staff might be angry
  • Maintain your professional boundaries when supporting colleagues
  • Put in place proactive support for staff mental health concerns through the impact of bereavement
  • Understand how staff’s mental health can be impacted, and how you can protect their mental health
  • Develop a robust and effective bereavement policy

Book your place today!

Trainee Registered Nursing Associates (RNA)

September 2023/April 2024 intake

RNAs – what they are and why we need them!

RNAs are hands-on, skilled nursing staff, usually with a background in the care industry, who bridge the gap between Healthcare Support Workers and the Registered Nurse. They work within a multi-disciplinary team and provide clinical skills and assessment that unregistered staff cannot undertake and therefore improve client wellbeing and clinical outcomes.

Find out more about Nursing Associates and discover the differences between Nursing Associates and Nurses on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) website.

What are the benefits of taking on Nursing Associates?

  • Improved Staff retention rates with investment into career pathways and increased job satisfaction.

  • NAs have NMC Registration

  • Offers clear progression pathway to staff that is FULLY FUNDED

  • Immediate clinical decision making on hand for residents from a Registered NA, rather than relying on external RNs visiting.

  • Investment in the progression of being able to manage residents with higher complex needs and the ability serve a wider market of potential residents.

  • Fewer long-term costs than staffing with Registered Nurses

  • Funding given to providers to support learners

  • Course fees fully funded – Level 5 university level qualification for your staff

  • Recruit carers and support through NA training – recruitment tool

Be part of the future of Social Care Nursing

Plymouth Marjon University host an 8-week remote ‘Bridging Programme’ for trainee NAs to help them move into Higher Education.

To find out more, contact Jennifer Lunnon, Adult Social Care Nursing Lead, by emailing

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