CoolCare Care Home Management Software

Going digital has never been easier! Not only will CoolCare save you money, it will give time back to your management to use more productively in providing care.

CoolCare has first-hand experience in care home management, being part of the LNT group that has built and operated care homes for decades. Our industry leading system, CoolCare, has therefore been designed from a position of knowledge and understanding of what executive management need from software and how it can save time for administrators.

There are many ways CoolCare can help to transform businesses:

  • Occupancy & Enquiry Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Staff Rostering and Absence Management
  • HR & Training
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Management Reporting

Improving Occupancy Performance

We recognise the importance of financial performance and cost reduction in what is a close-margin sector.  CoolCare also assists homes with their enquiry management processes:

  • Reducing the average time an enquiry takes to convert to a resident to under 25 days
  • Supporting operators hit conversion rate of above 33%, with win rates of over 52%
  • Achieving overall improvement in average fees above the national average
  • Securing a higher-than-average proportion of self-funded residents

Giving Transparency and Cost Savings in Staff Management

CoolCare delivers measurable savings through the way in which it uniquely handles staff attendance, shift planning and rostering. The system automatically snaps staff to shift, removing extraneous minutes and hours per shift from the payroll calculations. This is proven to deliver savings of around £4.95 per snapped shift, with half of all shifts “snapping”. For a single, 50 bed home, that could be over £40,000 per year in additional staffing costs saved. If overtime is necessary, authorisation is easy, reportable and 100% transparent.

Communicating with Staff

Staff communication, shift offering and requesting is handled directly from the shift management page. Need some cover? Text 10 staff in 10 seconds, wait for the responses and pick your perfect cover team. This alone saves hours of time, improves response time and ensures bank staff and those who want extra shifts remain engaged. Importantly, it allows flexibility in staff planning. People can ask for extra shifts, but turn down shifts without issue meaning happier staff and greater staff retention.

Streamlining Invoicing

CoolCare also automates and systemises resident invoicing. The complexities of care home finances are lost on no one. Many homes outsource or employ full time staff in this one role. CoolCare revolutionises the way billing and invoicing is performed through automated invoicing rules. What would previously be days of work updating back-dating fee changes becomes a 10 minute job.

Easy Installation

From a technology perspective, installing CoolCare couldn’t be easier. CoolCare hosts data in the cloud, accessed by any web enabled device, PC, tablet and mobile (firewall protected, but accessible globally).

Easy to Use

Your staff will find CoolCare intuitive and user-friendly. Customer feedback tells us they don’t just like CoolCare, they love it. It saves them time and improves their reporting and oversight. More importantly, you will get full and accurate data to help improve your business operations.

CoolCare is, therefore, the embodiment of our ethos of providing great value, specialist and user-friendly care home management software. We know the complexities of invoicing; we know a care home never closes; we know staff rotas can change frequently – we understand your business and have designed software to help you run it efficiently.

Our insight into what working in care is really like is unique. Whether a Chief Executive, HR Manager, Financial Controller or Care Home Administrator, we truly understand.      0113 385 3853

Posted by Michaela on February 22nd 2024

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