Our Purpose

Devon Care Homes Collaborative has been created by Providers in Devon in order to provide a platform for:

  1. Sharing information to the general public about care homes which may be of use when placing a person in care or considering a career in care
  2. Current Providers to connect with each other, provide peer support and an opportunity to identify common challenges and engage with our system partners to solve the perceived challenges and improve the system
  3. Sector professionals to engage with and understand each other and improve working practices with the shared goal of improving the journey for the individual in care

DCHC was created to continue the engagement and achievements of the initial COVID-19 response and was formally incorporated in September 2020. We aim to strengthen the sense of community within the Health and Social Care Sector to enable those providing Care Home services to continue to improve the experience of people who live in, work in, or engage with Care Homes.

Our experience during the COVID pandemic has shown that against a backdrop of collaborative, can-do, work ethic and a drive to meet shared goals and aspirations, there is a lot that can be achieved.

FIVE AIMS were agreed by the Board of Directors for the first year:

To share best practice, increase knowledge and stimulate innovation...

Care Providers in Devon have a long history of providing high quality outcomes, which are evidenced by the high prevalence of outstanding care homes in the county. COVID-19 presented a situation that has increased the appetite within the sector to work together to share the good work being done. This enables peer learning to take place which often leads to the desired improvements in the quickest way.

DCHC provides a platform for the sharing and development of concepts together with system partners, ensuring that each presenting problem has a co-designed solution which should result in improved outcomes for all. Importantly this approach to systemic design has shown to deliver solutions of longevity.

To facilitate a responsive supportive network for our members...

Health and Social Care organisations have historic tendencies to move at fairly slow paces. Care providers are generally dealing with the here and now and difference in speed of operation can cause frustration. DCHC provides an engagement platform to enable Care Providers to raise the issues of the here and now and receive support from the relevant of our wide network. We see supporting the needs of the Care Home staff to enable to focus on the experience of the person in their care, as our primary purpose.

To provide peer support in challenging situations...

Working in Health and Social Care can be challenging for many reasons and COVID-19 has highlighted how peer support can be invaluable. DCHC provides not just a network for sharing best practice and answers to pressing issues, but is also a supportive network of colleagues who understand both the practical operational issues that need to be dealt with and the emotional highs and lows that the work in this sector brings. Peer support helps us all to be more resilient as a sector. Here’s a quote from one of our members:

“I really don’t know how I would have coped this last year without you. You have all been there to share my fears, my anxieties, the good times and the bad times and most importantly we have always been able to have a laugh. I have always looked forward to our weekly zooms, a place to share with like-minded people, people that understand the pressure and the sleepless nights which many of my friends do not”.

To represent and support care providers with key stakeholders...

To help improvement within the sector we need to be involved in the conversations with the stakeholders that shape and influence the national, regional and local level agendas. DCHC attends these meetings working all of the organisations listed under our Partners in Care section but also national bodies such as the National Care Association and Care Quality Commission. Our approach is based on positive collaboration for the benefit of the sector and those that we care for.

To create a financially self-sustaining organisation...

As providers, we understand the importance of ensuring a financially viable organisation and planning for the future. We are delighted to have received initial funding from Devon County Council for our work on Infection Prevention and Control but by the end of year 3 we aim to be financially self-sustaining through providing value to our membership and charging a fee for our services and offering sponsorship and training opportunities.

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